Emouvance, founded by the double bass player Claude Tchamitchian, is a structure covering live music and the production of records on the label of the same name.
No specific kind of music in émouvance: what counts first and foremost is a certain state of mind that everyone involved should have, requiring all the musicians to take a good, enquiring look at their practice and how they respond to it, and to come face to face with other music either from their own idiom or a different one, from right here or elsewhere. This is the spirit behind Emouvance’s implication in production projects centred on musicians who also become long-term collaborators, thus creating a real community of people who think alike, members of the same artistic family whose functions combine not only original composition and performance but also their relaying and dissemination and the production of records.


Available from march 2012 onwards


Raymond Boni solo, guitar, harmonica

emv 1033, digipack, 16 pages booklet (french/english)

Recorded in october 2010 in the studio
and outdoors in Marseille

black is the colour of my true love's hair


Ways out
Rémi Charmasson, guitar | Régis Huby, violin
Christophe Marguet, drums | Claude Tchamitchian,
double bass

Neige rien
Corinne Frimas, Christine Roillet, acting
Guillaume Roy, viola | Claude Tchamitchian, double bass

march 13th, 8:30pm : Auditorium du collège des Pyramides, Evry, France
march 14th, 8:00pm : Médiathèque de Romainville, France

Raymond Boni solo
Raymond Boni, guitar, harmonica
march 16th, 8:30pm: Le Pannonica, Nantes, France
march 17th, 7:00pm: Boutique des Allumés du jazz, Le Mans, France

Django, une fiction?
Adapted from "Les 4 vies posthumes de Django Reinhardt"
Patrick Williams, reading
Bastien Boni, double bass
Raymond Boni, guitar, harmonica
march 23rd, 8:30pm : Cité de la Musique de Marseille, Marseille, France
march 25th, 11:00am : Théâtre de la Cité, Marseille, France

De la roulotte à la poussette
Xavier Marchand, directing | Raymond Boni, guitar, harmonica | Patrick Williams, reading | Guitza, trumpet | Myriam Sokoloff, acting
march 25th, 5:00pm : Théâtre des Bancs Publics, Marseille, France

Swing on this

Joe McPhee, trompette de poche, saxophones
Raymond Boni, guitare, harmonica | Bastien Boni, contrebasse
march 26th, 8:30pm : La Java, Paris, France



Available from january 2012 on NoBusiness Records (CD or LP)
Jean-François Pauvros, guitar
Roger Turner, drums, percussions
Daunik Lazro, baritone saxophone